Since 1998, we have been training apprentices for the gun maker’s trade. This trade is working with wood and also with metal. This is an occupation for skilled fine mechanics and individualists which requires a good hand for the extraordinary.

For questions on an apprenticeship and the trade, please contact us.

We a glad to fill the apprentice position for September 2015.

From September 2016
  as well, we are able to grant apprenticeship position to any person interested in learning this fine trade.

The basic requirement is a good final examination upon leaving secondary school as well as a good potential aptitude.

We are looking forward in receiving suitably applications:

Apprenticeships are in conjunction with educational training at the occupational polytechnic at Ehingen, Germany.


The website of the German gun maker federation (‘Büchsenmacherinnung’) can also provide information on that occupation.



Chamber of Commerce winner 2014


We would like to congratulate our apprentice Mr. Jan Bruder on the occasion of is great success in passing the final apprenticeship examination as gunsmith.

The winner of the Chamber of Manual Trades Award, Jan Bruder also absolved the competition examination of the German Handcraft Federation for 2014 at the Chamber level in first place with an excellent result, and obtained a predominant second place at the Federal State Level.

We are glad to report, that Mr. Bruder is continuing to work for us as a gun maker and is willing to make his skills available to our customers.

In addition the gun maker Mr. Schiller has again been presented with an award as one of the best apprenticeship articling businesses.


The pictures shows from left to right: Mr. Sebastian Brehm, City Councilor of the City of Nuremberg, Dr. Thomas Bauer, Prime Minister of the middle Franconia Regional Government, Mr. Thomas Pirner, Vice President of the Chamber of Manual Trades (the Employers Federation), Mr. Heinrich Schiller, master gun maker, Mr. Jan Bruder, the Chamber of Manual Trades winner 2014, Mr. Siegfried Hess, Chairman of the Leutershausen City Council, Mr. Andreas Hofmann, Vice President of the Chamber of Manual Trades (the Employers Federation).